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ChemDraw Ultra 12

Esta excelente suite de dibujo incluye ChemDraw ultra 12.0, ChemDraw/Excel 12.0 (W), MNova Std/lite (W), Chem3D pro 12.0 (W), ChemBioFinder Std 12.0 (W), Controles profesionales y plugins de ChemDraw y Chem3D ActiveX (W), ChemBioFinder/Office 12.0 (W) y las Bases de Datos ChemINDEX (Index, RXN, NCI y SIDA). Descargar


Dean Yeagle – Masters of Anatomy

Masters of Anatomy is a collection of artistic anatomy bringing together the work of over 300 famous artists like Adam Hughes, Joe Madureira (Joe Mad), Humberto Ramos, Franciso Herrera and others that have worked for Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, Marvel and D.C. Comics. Origen: Dean Yeagle – Masters of Anatomy