GenomeNet Database Resources

GenomeNet Database Resources

DBGET: Integrated Database Retrieval System
DBGET search
LinkDB search     SPARQL endpoint available

KEGG: Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
KEGG2 – Table of contents
KEGG PATHWAY – Systems information: pathways
KEGG BRITE – Systems information: ontologies
KEGG Organisms – Organism-specific entry points
KEGG GENES – Genomic information
KEGG LIGAND – Chemical information
KEGG MEDICUS – Health information
KEGG MGENES: Metagenome gene catalogs
KEGG OC – KEGG ortholog clusters
REST service is available
SPARQL endpoint available New!
Virus-Host DB: Hosts of sequenced viruses
Taxonomy: Organism classification
Reaction Ontology: Reaction classifications
varDB: Antigenic variation database

GenomeNet Bioinformatics Tools

Sequence Analysis
BLAST / FASTA – Sequence similarity search
MOTIF – Sequence motif search
MAFFT / CLUSTALW / PRRN – Multiple alignment
TREE – Phylogenetic analysis

Genome Analysis
ViPTree – The Viral Proteomic Tree Server New!
KAAS – KEGG automatic annotation server
MAPLE 2.3 – Functionome evaluator Updated!
(MAPLE 2.1)
EGassembler – EST consensus contigs
GENIES – Gene network prediction
DINIES – Drug-target network prediction
Chemical Analysis
SIMCOMP / SUBCOMP – Chemical structure search
REST service is available
KCaM – Glycan structure search
PathComp – Possible reaction path computation
PathSearch – Similar reaction path search
PathPred – Reaction pathway prediction
E-zyme – Enzymatic reaction prediction


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