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Klaus Schulten molecular Dynamics citations

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Professor of Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


VMD: visual molecular dynamicsW Humphrey, A Dalke, K SchultenJournal of molecular graphics 14 (1), 33-38280571996
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The crystal structure of the light-harvesting complex II (B800–850) from Rhodospirillum molischianumJ Koepke, X Hu, C Muenke, K Schulten, H MichelStructure 4 (5), 581-59711431996
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Free energy calculation from steered molecular dynamics simulations using Jarzynski’s equalityS Park, F Khalili-Araghi, E Tajkhorshid, K SchultenThe Journal of chemical physics 119 (6), 3559-35666162003

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