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Clinical Trial Outcomes Databases

Quantify Your Competitive Edge

Along the development path of a compound, sponsors make critical decisions to ensure drug approval and market success. Success depends not only on the drug’s performance, but also on the competitive landscape, requiring reliable assessments—now and for the future—of your competition.

Gain Faster Time to Insight

What is the impact of trial design features, eg, time, endpoints, on treatment effects? How do biomarker and clinical endpoint results compare? What is the competitive landscape and how do we best position our compound in the market? Can we differentiate our drug as best-in-class? These are just a few of the questions needed to understand a new compound’s predicted product profile, how it compares with those of competitors, and to make critical go/no go drug development decisions.

A wealth of information at your fingertips

Publicly available clinical trial data represents an underutilized source of information and, if properly extracted and analyzed, provides a great source of information to support drug development decisions.

We have created an extensive collection of therapeutic area-based Clinical Trial Outcomes Databases that captures high-quality public source data on drug efficacy and safety, drug, disease and trial characteristics, trial design, and the competitive landscape.

Centralized Access to Clinical Trial Outcomes Databases

All databases can be accessed centrally via our Certara Collaborate portal and explored through the integrated Clinical Outcomes Database Explorer (CODEx) interface. CODEx enables users to quickly visualize, explore, analyze, and communicate database content using a variety of highly interactive tools.

CODEx is available through Certara Collaborate, our repository and collaboration center for regulatory and drug development scientists working on pharmacometrics, biosimulation, clinical pharmacology, drug discovery, comparative effectiveness and regulatory submittal..

Visualize. Explore. Analyze. Communicate.

  • Analyze competitor landscape on target drugs to answer critical go/no go clinical trial decisions
  • Access multiple databases for comparative analysis and multi-variable filtering
  • Easily create tables and graphs that are tailored to the structure of the literature data and common to meta-analysis
  • Explore trial specifications and check study references

Learn more about our analysis-ready therapeutic Clinical Trial Outcomes Databases.

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